Assessment Tools and Protocols

We have a range of assessment instruments at our disposal including instruments used in the identification of learning difficulties and disorders, social and communication impairments, sensory dysfunction, autistic profiles, attentional and hyperactive behaviours, anxiety, low mood, conduct challenges and more…

We design an assessment protocol for individuals according to referral questions presented at the time of parental and school enquiry.

We always provide recommendations, strategies and practical implications in our reports.

Other Psychologists

It is important that you choose the psychologist that best suits your needs and aims.  You can use this link to search for psychologists in your area, or to check out psychologists other than Julie Hollitt who are listed on the Australian Psychological Society List of Practitioners who assess for autism, and work with clients with autism spectrum disorders.

Behaviour Management

This is a very specific, and very sensitive, area of psychological practice with children and young people.  Our first choice is to approach behavioural management via adjustments to the management of the social systems in which the individual participates…Would you like to get a better idea of how we can help?  Book a 15 minute phone chat now.

Useful or Helpful

These downloadable documents are either for your information, or tools for use in your setting. We hope they are useful or helpful. Let us know if there is an area in which you are interested, amd we will endeavour to find the information required, or design an instrument that will be useful in your work with or care for children and young people, and then to put it online for your easy access.


Educational Authorities